Friday, May 15, 2009

Bead Star Finalist!

Great News!

I made the Bead Star finals! One of my entries, Lavender Splendor, is a finalist in the seed bead category!

This is the second annual Bead Star contest, run by the folks over at Interweave. The techniques used in the entries are restricted to stringing, crimping, simple wirework and simple knotting. Since I primarily work in beadweaving, it was a huge challenge to come up with an exciting design that fit within the contest parameters. This is the first contest I have ever entered so I am super-excited about just making it to the finals! Winners are determined by an online vote, and the winning entries are published in a special edition Bead Star magazine.

A big shoutout to Gwen for mentioning this contest on the Starving Jewelry Artists forums, and to Fireweed Beads for the beautiful Czech seed beads used in this piece.

There are a lot of great entries in all the categories, so go VOTE at!


  1. I came over from BD to have a look at your work. Wow! WOW!!!! That's amazing. And I recognized your Bead Star piece! So good luck with the voting.

  2. Thanks very much Kokopelli! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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