Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Tutorial: Pagoda Beaded Charm

I finished my newest beadweaving tutorial, the Pagoda Beaded Charm:

I came up with this design when planning for my wedding last summer, when I needed to come up with matching earrings for my bridesmaids' beadwoven bracelets. After some experimenting, I eventually came up with this design and I even managed to take a quick photo of the original among all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning: 

I can't get enough of this little charm! It uses Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, and five kinds of Japanese seed beads. I even incorporated a few of the new peanut-shaped Japanese seed beads into this charm, although they can be replaced by Japanese seed beads in a pinch. I think I like this design so much because it has so much going on in just one little cluster of beads, and it works up quickly to boot! I love testing out new color schemes with this design, like in these earrings:

This design also works as a beaded bead when strung on thin beading wire. I incorporated six of them into this shimmery necklace:

This necklace uses the same lampwork beads (from the fabulous Melissa Vess) as two of my previous pieces. I love how these lampwork beads work so well with slightly different variations on this color palette. 

The Pagoda Beaded Charm tutorial is available in both my Etsy and Artfire shops. Remember that through 11/28/10, anyone who purchases an item from my Etsy shop or any of the other participating SATeam shops will be entered in a drawing to win a beautiful charm bracelet!


  1. Those are adorable beaded beads. Little, but packed with a lot of interesting texture. It's not easy designing beautiful beaded beads that use so few beads, but you did it!

  2. Thanks Gwen! I like how there's so much going on in this design; I can make a dozen of them in one sitting without getting bored, which is a rare feat for my impatient self.


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