Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beaded Eggs

Last week I wrote about a truncated hexadecahedron, or "The Egg," made from modular origami units. As you might imagine, this polyhedron can also be made with beads.
This beaded egg is made from potato freshwater pearls at a diameter of just under 4 mm, and measures just over an inch long. Unlike the origami egg, the beaded egg has one bead on each edge of the polyhedron, instead of one on each corner. This means that I needed to use 72 beads, instead of 48 origami modules, to create the completed structure.
It's hollow and sturdy too, which is always a plus in my book. 
This one is made from 3 mm aventurine rounds for a slightly smaller overall structure.
Finally, I used irregularly-shaped potato pearls at a size of about 5 mm for this beaded egg. The result is a little bit irregular but it's an interesting effect.
Do you enjoy seasonal beadwork for the springtime? 


  1. Puede dar mucho juego la última variación con perlas irregulares, enhorabuena por tu estudio!!


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