Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Pattern and Kits: Dewdrop Beaded Bead and Bracelet Set

My newest pattern is now available at; the Dewdrop Beaded Bead and Bracelet Set. The Bead Origami version of this pattern is expanded with additional illustrations and photographs, and includes a full pattern for the matching Dewdrop bracelet!

I got a little carried away with myself and put together kits in five different color palettes for this design. Here's one in Silvery Amethyst:
I've named this one Black Rose Tips in honor of a similar color palette Gwen used for her Cube Cluster beaded bead. I think that these two designs would coordinate quite well together in this color palette:
This one's Lavender Fields, because that's exactly what it reminds me of:
This one's Harvest Bounty. The red seed beads that I ordered for this kit turned out to be a little brighter than those that I used for the bead featured in Beadwork Magazine, but I kind of like how it makes the whole bead look brighter:
Finally, this one is Patina Lagoon, because I can't get enough of these matte metallic patina beads:
Each Dewdrop kit contains enough materials to make a total of five Dewdrop beaded beads, or alternatively, one Dewdrop beaded bead and one Dewdrop bracelet. Here's a bracelet in Silvery Amethyst:
Don't forget that the Dewdrop beaded bead is one of the five beaded beads required to enter Beadwork Magazine's 15th Anniversary Beaded Bead Contest. The deadline for entering is October 26!


  1. I like the patina one the best, even better than the black rose one. Go figure. I like green, but that's not news, now is it?

  2. I'm glad you like it - I almost didn't kit it, but I just couldn't ignore the idea of buying those tiny patina drops in bulk. It's too bad Miyuki doesn't make them in the normal 3.4 mm size.


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