Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pondering Beading Illustrations, Followup

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about beading illustrations. I tinkered with my previous illustrations a little bit and came up with this style:
I added the newly-added-bead labels back in, and I changed the dotted line to have more dots, which will be a little clearer on size 15° seed beads. I also added a little blue arrow to indicate the direction of the thread path. For reference, here are my two previous attempts at this illustration:
What do you think?


  1. I think I might have to start using some of these ideas on my next drawings. It looks great.

  2. Looks great. Love the red dot that indicates where the step begins. I think that it would be great if the beaders that write instructions would get together and develop common standards for both illustrations and written processes. It would make it much easier for beaders to understand patterns.

  3. Thanks Gwen and Annie! I like the idea of designers using a standard writing and illustrating style, but I think it's also important for designers to have several options available for publishing their art. However, not all of these options have compatible writing styles. For example, I include dozens of illustrations and full-color photos in the patterns available on my website, but this isn't always feasible for a pattern published in a magazine or a book. Also, patterns available as videos are able to present the design in an entirely new way that doesn't always translate well to a written pattern.

    Nevertheless, I think it's important that designers consult with their students and with each other to see which writing practices work best given the constraints of a particular medium, which is why I wrote this post :)


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