Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ways to Wear the Fiberoptic Dodecahedron

After designing the Fiberoptic Dodecahedron Pendant, a lingering question on my mind was how to incorporate it into jewelry. I debated using it as a focal piece in a beaded necklace, but it's such an intricate design that it works very well just on its own. The question then is how exactly to string it...

Option 1: String on a Thin Cord

The holes of the Fiberoptic Dodecahedron Pendant can easily accommodate a twisted nylon cord. This 3 mm cord will fit through two adjacent holes, but I needed to use a small crochet hook to get the cord through both of them without it getting lost in the middle of the pendant.

Option 2: String on a Chain

Another, slightly easier option is to use a simple chain. With a very thin gold chain, the Fiberoptic Dodecahedron Pendant almost looks like it's floating in air.

Option 3: String or Knot on a Silk Ribbon

A third option is to string it through a silk ribbon. I needed to use a large-eye needle to get the ribbon through the pendant, but I experimented with a couple of different ways to string it. The first is through two adjacent holes as shown in the previous two options above:

The next method is through two opposite holes:

I also went back to the two-adjacent-hole stringing method, and I tied a loose knot between the pendant and the rest of the silk ribbon. I like how this knot makes the ribbon form more of a V-shape, but I'm not sure if it really complements the pendant...

Option 4: Combine With the Mini Beaded Bead

The last stringing option that I tried was to string it through adjacent holes with the silk ribbon, and then through the complementary mini beaded bead. I think I like this method better than the knotted method.

The pattern for the Fiberoptic Dodecahedron Set, which includes instructions on how to weave the pendant, the mini beaded bead, and a matching pair of earrings, is available exclusively at beadorigami.com.

What's your favorite way to string a complex beaded pendant?


  1. What a gorgeous bead! I like it best with the smaller bead.

    I tend to string my beaded beads on a plain black neck wire, and this is nice for a more casual look, but I really like the look of the ribbon. It looks so elegant! :)

  2. Thanks Sarah! I'm really digging this ribbon idea, and I think I'll be using it for other pendants in the future too!


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