Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A New Beaded Pendant

Last week I blogged about a spiral rope that I was weaving for a matching pendant. I've now finished the pendant!

A Component of Many Shapes

The precursor to this pendant has been sitting on my bead tray for quite a while. It started as an attempt to combine Tila and SuperDuo beads into a frame, which eventually veered off into the design that became the Cosmic Windows Set:

After creating this bracelet and its matching earrings, I returned to the original prototype on my beading tray, which was rounder but empty in the middle. Another crystal bead in the middle didn't seem to fit quite right, but after some tinkering, I found that little flowers made out of rizo beads perfectly filled these frames! And then I found that I could vary the sizes of the components with just a few adjustments, and paired three of them together for this pendant.

Tila Shadowboxes

It's difficult to photograph, but these components actually contain two layers of tila beads, turning them from tila frames into bowl-shaped shadowboxes. The rizo flowers are completely recessed in each shadowbox, and bloom out of the bottom of each component.

I particularly like how this design can show off the rizo beads with special finishes, such as the AB, vitrail, and "magic" finishes. These finishes make for the most gorgeous visual effects, yet they also have a solid color on one side that can make the bead look irregular in the final design. The rizo beads in this design are positioned to minimize this issue.

Finished with a Crystal

A bermuda blue drop Swarovski crystal finishes this pendant. I debated between several shades of crystals for this finishing touch, but I settled on bermuda blue to match the tila beads of the pendant and the petrol pearls of the spiral rope.

It still needs a name though... Any ideas?


  1. How stunning! I mean really incredibly drop dead gorgeous. The flow, the colors, the overwhelming beauty. The blue crystal drop at the bottom is such a perfect luminescent and sexy way to guide your eye down the necklace, it reminds me of a drop of water. I think the name should be something "waterfall", maybe "crystal waterfall" or "waterfall of the fairies". Well done!!!

    1. Thanks so much Liz! I'm glad you like the crystal - I was thinking of using one that matches the rizos, but that one just didn't seem to fit right.

  2. This is a gorgeous design! And the colors as well as the design are beautiful. I hope you'll consider writing a pattern for this one, too! :) My vote for a name would be Crystalline Shadow Box.

  3. Simply gorgeous! When I first saw it I thought it looked other worldly or like a "nebula". How about nebula for a name?


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