Monday, September 16, 2013

Purple Sakura Charms and Possible Arrangements

I came up with a new colorway for the Sakura Bouquet Necklace, which I'm teaching at the BABE! Show this November.

Purple and Silver Sakura Charms

Four different shades of purple combine with silver to form this colorway. The four different beads used for the cherry blossom petals also have a variety of finishes, ranging from transparent, to luster, to the "magic" finish on the rizo beads.

It's still monochromatic, but it has more color variety compared to the original version.

Four Different Varieties of Sakura

The set features four different charms corresponding to four different varieties of sakura, and each is woven in a slightly different way.

Forty Sakura Charms

Each class kit will include the materials to make a total of 40 charms. This is actually more charms than I used in the original necklace, so students will be able to make about a dozen extra charms. Here's a complete set of all 40 of them:

Many Possible Arrangements

The great thing about these little flowers is that they're adaptable to so many different kinds of jewelry. They fit neatly into the concept of component design, which is where you weave several beaded components and then combine them together as you're designing the finished piece. While it won't be the focus of my class, it's a concept that advanced beaders may want to approach with these charms after taking the class.

I took a little time to explore this concept myself with this set. I've already turned two of them into a pair of earrings:

But a small handful of them could make a nice little pendant:

Repeating just two of the charms makes a simple, yet very pretty choker-length necklace:

While just under 20 of them could make a Y-shaped necklace:

Another idea is to take an asymmetric approach, and fill the other half of the necklace with a beaded rope or chain:

Finally, all 40 charms together would make a very nice necklace indeed:

Please visit the BABE! website for more information on this class, including how to register. One session is already sold out, so act soon to reserve your seat!


  1. All of those variations are gorgeous and I really wish I could take the class. I know everyone will have a blast!

    I will cross my fingers that you will be teaching it at Bead and Button next year. :)

    1. Thanks Tanya! I submitted this project to Bead & Button too, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well!

  2. Hello:-)
    I've been watching Your Work in progress and I can say-it's very impressive,how from the small elements-beads and glass petals,combined and composed together in infinite possibility of variations,the beautiful floral necklace can appear.
    I love the monochromatic shadows and I think,if You added and mixed only one different shadow here,the whole composition could be too much contrasted.It's so pretty,as it is,only the whole shape of the necklace depends on Your invention:-)
    Warm Greets from Sweden - Halinka-

    1. Thanks so much Halinka! Warm greetings to you from California!

  3. Beautiful! I love the mix of the 40 charms together as a necklace. Imagine the possibilities if different colors are used too!

  4. I am a total beginner. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge and ideas to help people like me! Inspiring!


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