Monday, December 9, 2013

New Pattern and Kits: Magic O Ball

For my second O bead pattern, I turned back to my roots in 3D geometric beadwork, and developed the Magic O Ball.

A dOdecahedron Beaded Bead

This large beaded bead is in the shape of a dodecahedron, a polyhedron with 12 sides, each in the shape of a pentagon. It's the same structure that I used in the Tila Garden Pendant and the Wildflower Fields Pendant, however it's also hollow, like the Fiberoptic Dodecahedron. It's my largest dodecahedron design yet, measuring about 34 mm in diameter!

O Beads + Chaton Crystals

The Magic O Ball features two different colors and orientations of O beads, along with 12 sparkly Swarovski chaton crystals. The crystals, oddly enough, came about after I completed the first prototype of this design. The prototype had just enough space for an 8 mm crystal on each side of the beaded bead, and an 8 mm rivoli didn't work, however an 8 mm chaton crystal turned out to be the perfect fit!

A Sparkly Pendant!

I like to wear this design as a pendant, so I included instructions on how to weave a bail using modified right angle weave (MRAW). Since the design is hollow on the inside, you can include a special something in the middle such as a rattle bead. The green Magic O Ball above encloses a little jingle bell! 

The Magic O Ball pattern is available exclusively at, and beading kits for this design are available in the three colorways shown above. Each kit contains all the beads needed to make one beaded bead!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I absolutely adore these designs. I would have had no idea what to do with the o bead, but they look so awesome! I think the necklace is my favorite, but this is a very close second .. or the bracelet .. oh who am I kidding, they are all favorites. :)

    1. Thanks Tanya! It's a fun little bead to work with. Thin, so it fits in convenient spaces, but with a big hole, which is both useful and challenging. Plus they can be used as little glass sequins!

  2. Adorable design.A great piece of work. there is no reason to call this as a masterpiece.Thanks for sharing with us,keep it up
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