Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Beading Video: Weaving Beaded Beads with Two-Hole Beads

A few months ago I had the opportunity to film a series of videos based on four different areas in beading. The videos are now available at the Interweave Store both as instant high definition video downloads as well as in the DVD format. This is the first in a series of four blog posts on those video projects.

Together with the team over at Interweave/F+W, we organized these videos with each level of beader in mind. Beginners can watch me weave each step of the project one stitch at a time, I share several variations for experienced beaders, and throughout the course of each video I include many tips and tricks that are useful for beaders of all levels. If you're new to my Bead Origami style then these videos are a great introduction to my approach to beadweaving, but if you're already familiar with my work then you'll want to check them out too as I cover a new project in each one.

In the first video I talk about how to weave beaded beads using peyote stitch and two-hole beads. I expand on the idea I explored in the Double Pinwheel beaded bead pattern and apply it to other shapes, starting with the 2-hole bar beads.

The 2-hole bar beads combine with Japanese seed beads and round core beads to make elegant little beaded beads that remind me of tiny baskets. I cover how to make both the basic beaded bead, as well as how to modify the design to make it in three different sizes.

I also describe how to make the Double Pinwheel beaded beads using 2-hole triangles, and how the shape of this bead is less symmetrical than other 2-hole beads which makes a big difference as you add each triangle to the beadwork. For another, simpler variation, I talk about how Half Tilas easily substitute into these beaded beads in place of the 2-hole bar beads.

Experienced beaders will want to check out the sections on the handedness of these beaded beads, and my attempt at weaving this design using SuperDuos. I discuss my approach to incorporating SuperDuos into this design, the result, and what I might do to change that result in future attempts.

This video is available both as a High Definition Video Download and in the DVD format, and includes a supplementary PDF pattern with step-by-step written instructions and a complete materials list for the necklace and earrings shown here.

Thanks for looking!

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