Friday, March 25, 2016

New Pattern and Kits: Comet Trails Set

I've finished my next beading pattern, the Comet Trails Lariat and Earrings Set!

Beaded Beads with 2-Hole Crescents

I received a few packages of 2-hole crescent beads and 2-hole bar beads as part of Starman's Trendsetter program. After playing with them for a while I gravitated towards incorporating them into beaded beads, and I experimented with using them in geometric beaded bead embellishments. I couldn't decide whether to stick with bars or crescents for these embellishments, so I ended up using both for two different sets of spiky beaded beads. A lariat proved to be the ideal format to show off both versions.

Like the 2-hole triangles, the crescent beads have an "up" side and a down side that influences how they will orient themselves in the finished piece. I experimented with both orientations, but in this design the crescents preferred an outward orientation that gives the beaded bead a spiky look.

A Long Hubble Stitch Rope

I have a confession... Until I wove this piece, I didn't think I'd get into Hubble Stitch. Developed by Melanie de Miguel, this lacy, open weave is a cousin of right-angle weave and is reminiscent of a three-bead picot. I'd seen several lovely examples of this stitch from not only Melanie but also from Cynthia and Marcia, and I'd even made a few basic samples using the stitch, but I didn't initially see how it could be incorporated into any of my designs.

However, I noticed that the triangle shape formed by three-up Hubble looked like the seed bead embellishment in these beaded beads, so I set out to replicate that embellishment in a rope using Hubble stitch. The result is an extended variation, and by the definitions shown in Let's Hubble, it's an offset, four-up, tubular Hubble rope with periodic horizontal spaced out 2-hole beads. I like how this rope is light and lacy, but most of all how well it complements the beaded beads.

Matching Earrings

A pair of the smaller beaded beads make quick and easy matching earrings.

Three Colorways

Starman is continuously developing new colors and finishes for their beads, and it's quite fun to explore different colorways with this design.

The beading pattern for the Comet Trails Set includes complete written instructions on how to weave each component of the lariat, how to attach the components together, and how to weave the matching earrings. The pattern also includes a few images of the prototype pieces of beadwork that led to this design. Like the lariat, this pattern is on the long side; it's in the PDF format and clocks in at 30 pages and 117 full-color illustrations and photographs. I classify this pattern as intermediate, and it's most appropriate for beaders who have previous experience with beaded beads and who would like to learn a new way of creating them with 2-hole beads. Knowledge of Hubble Stitch is a plus but it isn't required to follow this pattern.

Kits for this design are available in three different colorways and make the completed lariat measuring up to 34" long, along with a pair of matching earrings. Each kit contains all the beads and findings needed to complete the project.

Thanks for looking!

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