Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Shimmer River Bracelets

A few months ago I made a new set of bracelets, the Shimmer River Bracelets.

The Shimmer River Bracelets feature a whole bunch of Swarovski's "shimmer" fallback crystals, along with either Toho's Demi Round seed beads or Miyuki's Spacer seed beads. These thin beads are available in two sizes and are half the width of traditional 8° and 11° Japanese seed beads.

I've noticed differences between Toho and Miyuki brands before. True to form, there are subtle size and color differences between Demi Round and Spacer beads too. But I was able to use them interchangeably in this design.

When I first set out to stitch this design, I wanted to show off the crystals without covering them up or overshadowing them with other beads. This design was actually my first attempt at this idea, but then I stitched another bracelet that used and exaggerated different beaded elements. Unfortunately, the crystals were lost in this second attempt, so I circles back to my original idea. Sometimes simplicity is better and less is more!

It works up so quickly that I stitched it in five different colorways!

The beading pattern for this bracelet is appropriate for advanced beginners. The pattern is 12 pages long and contains 37 photos and illustrations.

Kits are available in all five colorways pictured, and contain all the beads needed to stitch the finished bracelet (extra crystals and beads are included so you can make a bracelet longer than those shown here).

Thanks for looking!

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