Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Lights Necklace

I finished this piece a little while back, using a relatively simple beaded bead design based off of a truncated dodecahedron structure; a regular polyhedron with faces of triangles and pentagons, with 90 edges for 8° seed beads to lie on. The twist with this design is that it's color-symmetric; the five seed bead colors used in the beaded beads are distributed symmetrically, and no two beads of the same color lie next to each other.
I thought about what kinds of repeating patterns use the same amount of several different colors, and immediately thought of strings of Christmas lights. So I used bright colors of silver-lined seed beads to mimic the shimmer of these tiny lights.
Christmas tree-green fire polished Czech glass beads complement the colorful Christmas light beaded beads.
Happy Holidays everyone!
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