Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Accomplishment is...

A freshly-made pile of sterling silver earwires. I make them in big batches every so often, and it's not exactly my favorite jewelry-making task, so completing a batch always makes me feel so accomplished :)

Speaking of completing jewelry, here are a few more pieces that I've made for the upcoming Craft Sale this Saturday:

While I was digging through my stash over the past few weeks, I found the this piece, half-completed, so I decided to finally finish it. The greener beaded beads are made from Japanese seed beads and large aquamarine chips, in a style that's not too uncommon but it's not a beaded bead style that I usually dabble in. Unlike most gemstone-chip beaded beads, these ones are not constructed on a peyote tube core. The smaller purple beaded beads are simple drop cubes, and the larger ones are a precursor to my Bubble Box design. The piece is strung with additional aquamarine beads, Czech glass, and rose quartz.

Here's the flyer for the Craft Sale - click on the image for additional details. I'd love to see you there!


  1. It's the routine things that kill designers....we want to be doing new and original all the time. Love that bead.

  2. Thanks Mikki! I'm definitely addicted to the new and original!

  3. I love the colors on the blue one!

  4. Thanks Gwen! That one was fun to make - it was one of my first pieces with matte metallic seed beads!

  5. I love the "glow" of the first one. And making earwires or other findings is sometimes a pain.


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