Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shooting Stars

A few weeks ago Marcie Abney released a tutorial for her Shooting Stars Bracelet, a design I've been admiring for some time. I purchased the tut from her Etsy shop and made a few shooting stars of my own. I started with the color proportions called for in the pattern, but since I didn't have the specified color of faceted drops, I chose a different color palette in blue and silver:
The design is quite fun to weave together. The stars have a not-quite-flat quality to them that I actually quite like, and since I'm not particularly a bracelet person I can work up the individual star components for other types of jewelry. At just over an inch across, they'd probably make nice solo pendants, and Marcie shows that they can make a festive pair of earrings too. I made another one in teal and metallic bronze, and added some 2.8 mm Miyuki drops to the corners for a little bit of flair:
Finally, I mixed up the color proportions and made a shooting star in the electric green palette that I used for an Ionic Octahedron a few months back
This palette is really growing on me, so it's definitely not the last time I'll be using it. 

When you're following a tutorial or a pattern, do you use the specified colors, or do you mix it up?


  1. These are great!! Thanks so much for the shout out! I like the addition of the little drops and I can't wait to see what you create with them. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Marcie! I had a great time making them


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