Saturday, July 28, 2012

Microphyte Necklace in Pandora Sapphire

I worked up another Microphyte Beaded Bead, this time in the pandora sapphire color palette that I've used before in my Pagoda and Double Pagoda designs.

When I was finished putting it together, I took the design a step further and made two smaller variations, each playing off of a different geometric element of the original. Since the Microphyte Beaded Bead uses the symmetry of a cuboctahedron, it has eight triangular sides and six square sides. So I decided to separate those two elements into their own beads by weaving a cube and an octahedron. The cube was relatively straightforward to weave, but the octahedron was woven with a tetrahedral thread path and ended up looking a bit unusual.
I describe how to weave both variations in the Microphyte pattern.

Finally, I wove an extra bead of each variation, and put all five beads into a necklace with additional Czech glass beads and Japanese seed beads:

I sure do love this shade of blue...

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