Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Pattern: Microphyte Beaded Bead

I've been experimenting with combining shaped seed beads and bicone crystals in close proximity to each other, and I came up with a cute triangular element that could work in several different designs. Being a beaded bead person, I connected several of them into a ball. After some additional tinkering, I arrived at this cuboctahedral beaded bead that I like to call the Microphyte Beaded Bead:
I like how this beaded bead looks so organic, yet it has a defined symmetry underlying its odd structure. It reminds me of colonies of microorganisms that I learned about in microbiology class many years ago, hence its name. In pink it also looks like some kind of alien berry:
I had some extra beads leftover from putting together Harvest Queen Necklace kits, so I also worked it up in harvest colors:
The Microphyte Beaded Bead pattern is available exclusively at I'm thinking of putting together some kits for this design too... Which color combo do you prefer?


  1. I adore the harvest colors together! Great design too!

  2. Thanks Gwen! It's the third "harvest" colorway that I've used in several of my designs, and it's definitely my favorite fall-themed color pattern.


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