Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Kits: Morning Coffee Molecules

Kits are now available for the Morning Coffee Molecules so you can weave up some beaded chemistry. I've been experimenting with different colors of seed beads on a base of silver-plated seed beads, and came up with this colorway that reminds me of an iced coffee:
I also remembered how black and silver goes with everything, so I beaded up this colorway for a no-frills black coffee that remains elegant and stylish:
Finally, I included this colorway in latté flavors.
All three kits are available at, and include a needle, plenty of thread, and all the beads needed to make the finished molecules. They can then be strung on a jump ring and through a chain for pendants, or through a thin beading wire for a very chemical necklace.


  1. Hi Cindy! I recently purchased this pattern, and I love it. I made a Melatonin base structure based on your instructions; let me know what you think!

    1. Looks awesome! It would go perfectly with some serotonin and dopamine too ;). Thanks so much for sharing!


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