Saturday, January 19, 2013

Origami Interlude: Flower Cube

Sometimes I need to take a brief detour from beads to remind myself that I can still do origami.

This piece is the Flower Cube with Finish A, from "Origami Inspirations" by Meenakshi Mukerji. I really like Meenakshi's approach to modular origami; she's not afraid to use non-square sheets of paper like pentagons to achieve some truly gorgeous dodecahedral designs (that I really need to try someday), and I like her symmetrical approach to the distribution of color over the whole piece (it's actually the same approach that I use in my Candy Dodecahedron beaded bead pattern). Her website is an absolute goldmine of modular origami eye candy...

This particular piece uses six flower modules. It uses lots of pre-creases and a couple of harrowing spread squashes that were a little tricky to fold, but overall it folds up quite nicely. Here's one by itself:

Here are three joined together, from the inside view of the finished cube:

The individual modules are joined together without any glue, thread, or other adhesives.

It holds its shape quite well! I wouldn't start kicking it around like a soccer ball, but you can handle it pretty thoroughly without it falling apart. I like how you can see straight through it:

I used two sheets each of three different colors of a pretty typical weight of origami paper. I think that this model would work with a slightly heavier paper too, such as washi, but I wouldn't try folding it from anything heavier than that.

You think this design could translate into beads?

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