Monday, June 24, 2013

New Bracelet

I wove a new bracelet, with lots of sparkly crystals!

This bracelet came about after some previous prototypes where I framed a larger bead with a ring of tila beads. In this design, I've framed a cosmic Swarovski crystal.

I like how the straight, defined lines of the tila beads serve as a counterpoint to the asymmetric lines of the cosmic crystals. I also worked hard to develop just the right position for the tila beads while keeping the whole component stiff; they sit at about a 45° angle to provide a shadowbox effect to each component.

It's different than my usual style, but I rather like it!


  1. Beautiful! I love it! If you ever made a kit or pattern of this one, I would definitely be interested. :)

  2. Thanks everyone! Victoria - I'm writing the pattern for this one this week. Keep an eye on this blog - I'll write a post when it's done!


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