Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rivoli Sunflowers

I dabbled in rivoli bezeling the other day and made a few Rivoli Sunflowers. My first attempt is now a solo pendant:

The design is straightforward and fun to put together, and somewhat easier in construction than your typical peyote or RAW rivoli bezel. I've had issues with thread showing when I use peyote to bezel a rivoli, so when I use this method I have to pay attention to minor differences in bead size between different batches of seed beads (which is probably why the evenly-sized delicas are so commonly-used in this technique). Since the Rivoli Sunflower is a fringe method design, it's a little more forgiving in this respect. And it has Miyuki fringe drops, which makes it extra awesome, since drop beads are awesome. 

My second Rivoli Sunflower ended up very orange, an unusual color choice for me. I think I'm either terribly missing the summertime during these winter months, or I'm channeling my inner Giants fan. Probably both. I paired the Rivoli Sunflower with Swarovski bicones, cranberry Czech glass, Venetian rounds, and two basic cube beaded beads in this necklace:

The Rivoli Sunflower pattern is available at beAd Infinitum if you'd like to make your own.


  1. I love the orange necklace! Awesome!

  2. Thanks Kokopelli! I'm still not 100% comfortable with orange, but I figured that I couldn't go wrong with an analogic orange-red-purple color scheme.


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