Thursday, June 23, 2011

Origami Interlude: Kusudama

A little while ago I picked up Tomoko Fusé's Kusudama Origami because this book is chuck-full of the type of modular origami designs that I so enjoy. This book also explores the more traditional types of kusudama origami, where individual units of folded paper are strung or glued together into a (usually) round structure. I find modular origami more satisfying when a structure can be completed without glue or string, but the designs in this book are so pretty that I had to give this style a try. I started with a single double-flower version of her primula design:
Which quickly started to multiply..

I used 15 by 15 cm TANT paper for these flowers. This paper comes in a rainbow pack and in packs of different hues, and the red pack contains 12 different shades of red and bright orange. I only needed about half of the pack for the whole structure.
The finished "Bouquet of Primula" contains 16 individual flowers. I was hoping that I could use only 12 to achieve dodecahedral symmetry, but alas, more flowers were needed to fill out the whole ball. It measures about 9 inches in diameter.
I'm anxious to adapt this style of flower ball to beads, where dodecahedral symmetry might be more feasible. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my paper version. 

Have you tried a new style of craft lately? How did it turn out?

1 comment:

  1. Hi:-)
    It is fantastic:-)
    I've never been good at Origami,though I bought a book about it once.
    The floral-paper ball is incredible-looks so decorative.
    I've heard,that the art of Origami is healing stress and depression.

    I have tried a new style of my craft recently.
    It was about two months ago.I started...beading and I am in love with it.It seemed to me not to conquer at first,but slowly,reading many books,watching work of Others,filmed tutorials, I am going deeper and deeper into all the beading curves.Now,I see my new passion as something not only for a while,because it is not boring-each time I have new situation:new stitch,new form,new design,new colour and new texture.
    Best Greets-Halinka-


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