Friday, February 8, 2013

New Kits: Fiberoptic Duo Beaded Beads

Kits are now available for the Fiberoptic Duo Beaded Beads. Each kit makes five beaded beads, and since both the cube and octahedron versions use the same number of beads, each kit can make either five Fiberoptic Cubes, or five Fiberoptic Octahedra, or any combination in between. The first colorway is in patina green and dark bronze:

I liked this colorway so much that I made myself a necklace with these beaded beads. This necklace uses two Fiberoptic Cubes and Three Fiberoptic Octahedra:

The second colorway is in bronze and amethyst, and includes these gorgeous marbled purple and bronze seed beads:

The last kit is in black and silver (a go-to combination that goes with everything), with just a touch of bright purple (which is an awesome color):

All three kits are available at, and make five Fiberoptic Duo beaded beads. The kits include all the beads needed, a beading needle, plenty of thread, the Fiberoptic Duo pattern (automatically delivered after checkout as a PDF download), and shipping is included, even for international orders!


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