Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Pattern and Kits: Melon Ball Beaded Beads

My newest beading pattern is now complete! This design features etched melon beads woven into round beaded beads, so I've named them Melon Ball Beaded Beads.

Beaded Beads with Etched Melon Beads

When I first started working with these etched melon beads, I knew that I wanted to feature them in some kind of round beaded bead. I chose the structure of an octahedron to give a medium-sized beaded bead of less than 1" in diameter, however I spent a bunch of time experimenting with possible embellishments on this design. Several of my prototypes featured several layers of seed beads, which, while very pretty, detracted from the textures and colors of the etched melon beads.

I eventually settled on using two-hole triangles to embellish these beaded beads. I didn't expect to use two-hole triangles in this project, but I liked how the angular arrangement of these beads set off the textured, round shape of the etched melon beads. Only a handful of size 11° and 15° seed beads are needed to complete each beaded bead, and other 6 mm round beads can work in place of the etched melon beads.

Etched Melon Beads with Antique Cut Beads

I strung these beaded beads on necklaces along with two different sizes of antique cut beads. I like how the angles formed by the two-hole triangle beads complement the antique cut beads.

This version features silver etched melon beads and blue antique cut beads for a very wintery colorway.

The beading pattern for this design describes how to make the beaded beads and how to string them together with antique cut beads to create a necklace. The pattern is in the PDF format, and clocks in at 13 pages of step-by-step instructions with 42 full-color illustrations and photographs.

In this pattern, I describe a different method for weaving an octahedron beaded bead than I have in past patterns. I've found this method a little clearer to illustrate (especially taking into account the two different holes of the two-hole triangles), and it's my hope that anyone who follows this pattern will find it clearer to understand as well.

Three Limited Edition Kit Colorways

Kits for this design are available in the three colorways shown, and include all the beads and findings needed to make a necklace up to 21" in length containing five Melon Ball beaded beads. Unfortunately I'm not able to refill these kits once they are sold out, so these are limited edition kits - once they're gone, they're gone!

On that note, the last day to order kits for delivery before the new year is December 21: beading patterns can still be purchased and downloaded from the Bead Origami website, however all kits ordered during this time will ship after January 2.

Have a very warm and Happy Holiday Season!  

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