Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free Pattern: Candy Dodecahedron Beaded Bead

I've written another free beaded bead pattern which is now available for download at my website. This Candy Dodecahedron beaded bead uses the structure of a dodecahedron to gather thirty beads into a round ball shape, and also features a unique color distribution:
Six beads in each of five colors are symmetrically distributed evenly throughout the structure so that no two colors sit right next to each other. It's a color combination I've explored before in origami. It reminds me of a ball of candy, hence its name :)
Of course, you can also make a dodecahedron beaded bead with just one type of bead. Here's one in peachy freshwater pearls:
I also wove one with keshi pearls for a rather irregularly-shaped structure. It's amazing how you can use different bead types with the same pattern for a completely different piece of jewelry:
I strung this beaded bead through two of its openings with Czech glass beads and additional pearls for a purply necklace:
The Candy Dodecahedron beaded bead is available on my website as a free download. Have you ever woven a dodecahedron beaded bead? I'd love to see your interpretation!

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  1. Beautiful work. I'm glad Bing had your site goggle didn't

  2. Thanks Reb! If I may ask, what search terms did you use to find my site? I did notice that a search of "beaded bead patterns" puts my blog on page 3 in Bing, but on page 4 in Google. Looks like I have to work on my SEO!


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