Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Pattern: Plum Egg Beaded Bead

Just in time for Easter, I finished my latest pattern, the Plum Egg beaded bead:
This design was originally inspired by the origami of Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein, which I wrote about last spring. I wove my first beaded version out of grey freshwater pearls:
Beadweavers at the advanced beginner level should be able to tackle this pattern, and it's a great step-up for beginners who have already woven Candy Cube and Candy Dodecahedron beaded beads. (Both of these designs are available as free downloads at my website).

The Plum Egg beaded bead design works well with both 3 mm and 4 mm round beads for two different size options, and makes a nice solo pendant with freshwater pearls:
The more regularly-shaped Swarovski crystal pearls work very well too, and are a little easier to work with since the holes of these beads are bigger than those of freshwater pearls:
The Plum Egg beaded bead pattern is available exclusively at my website if you'd like to make your own basket of eggs in time for Easter. And once the fall rolls around, I think it would also make a fun football.

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