Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ice Queen Necklace Alternate Color Ideas

I came up with a couple of alternate color ideas for my Ice Queen Necklace class to be taught at Bead & Button this June. I started by working them into pairs of earrings to get a sense of the colors before weaving the entire necklace. For this pair I combined blue iris and black with silver:
And for this pair, I combined tanzanite with dark purple, red, and gold:
This is actually the third pair of Pagoda charm earrings that I've made in fall colors... For some reason I'm drawn to these colors in this particular design (previous versions here and here).

For reference, here's the original Ice Queen Necklace:
Which combo do you prefer?


  1. ooo.. both are very pretty colors.. I'm drawn to the first pairing... blues and blacks are colors I tend to work with the most... but I seriously love the brightness and slightly regal look to the second pairing!! Fitting for the Queenly name! I can't wait to see what you decide on for the class!

  2. Thanks very much! I think that the first pairing will be quite popular... Black and silver tends to go well with just about everything. I'd like to do both colors, but I'm still not sure...

  3. I like the second combo, it would look great with Summer brights, the others are also pretty though with the dark the most sophisticated and 'evening'

  4. That's a good idea... I think the second combo would work well with a yellow, summery dress.


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