Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sakura Charm Color Variations

Many cherry blossom trees are in an early full bloom here in Northern California, which inspired me to try a few color variations on my Sakura Beaded Charm. Here's a pair of earrings using the new-ish antique pink hue of Swarovski crystal:
For this pair, I went full sunflower. I know spring is just arriving, but I can dream of summer too, right?
I also had a few charms leftover from making the Silver Moon Sakura kit, so I put them into earrings as well:
All of these earrings are available for purchase in my Etsy shop: click on any of the images above to read more information about each item.


  1. Thanks very much! I really like that shade of pink too. It would look beautiful in a rose design.


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