Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tila Garden Pendant Alternate Colors

I've been tinkering with additional color schemes for my Tila Garden Pendant class at the Bead and Button show in June. This scheme uses more primary colors for the flowers, and darker, earthy-toned tila beads and seed beads:
In this pendant I was going for a white picket-fence garden look, but it came out more Easter-y than I had expected:
I adjusted the colors of this pendant with greener beads to give it more of a garden look, but now I think it looks slightly radioactive:
I think I'll tone down the green beads and try making this brighter version again. What do you think?

The Tila Gardens Pendant class is scheduled for two additional sessions on Friday, June 8, in either the morning or afternoon. More information about Bead and Button Show class registration, along with general information about the show can be found here.


  1. I love this bead! Looks awesome!

  2. My favourite is the darker one but I do quite like the 3rd one too, the green does pop but it doesn't look radioactive to me!

  3. Thanks everyone! Sarah - I'm leaning towards the darker one too, but I'm glad that you don't think the green in the last one looks so radioactive. Maybe I'm just used to working with more muted greens.


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