Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tila Droplet Charm Necklace

While I was weaving the Tila Droplet Charm earrings, I experimented with stringing them on thin beading wire like I did for my Sakura Charms. They fit though the beading wire rather effortlessly, and I thought, "these would make a great charm necklace." So I made one:

This necklace features seventeen Tila Droplet Charms, all woven from the free beading pattern available on my website. I strung them with additional round and drop-shaped Japanese seed beads and the new rice-shaped rizo drop beads.

This necklace matches the lavender fields colorway that I used for this Dewdrop Bracelet:

Combined with the earrings that I posted the other day, this makes a complete set of tila bead and drop bead jewelry!

The Tila Droplet Charm is available at if you'd like to make your own Tila Droplet Necklace. As always, if you make anything from this pattern, I'd love to see pictures!

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