Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Tutorial - Bubble Box Beaded Beads

I've finished my newest beaded bead tutorial, the Bubble Box beaded bead.

This design is in the same family as the Double Bubble Jacks and Teardrop Bubbles beaded beads, but it has different construction elements that separate it from both of my previous designs. This design is also much more adaptable to different sizes of drop beads; I've made it with Czech teardrop beads, Miyuki fringe drop beads, and even freshwater pearls! I'm very happy with how this tutorial turned out, because I think my illustration skills are improving. I'm much more comfortable with Adobe Illustrator than I have been in the past, although I still have a lot to learn!

The Bubble Box beaded bead rounds out my teardrop beaded bead trilogy, and I'll be working on other non-teardrop beaded bead designs for a while. I have some ideas for some Czech lentils and roundelles that I'm looking forward to creating.

Anyway, I've created a number of pieces using this design. Here's a pendant that I mentioned in my last blog post:

These Bubble Boxes are made with Miyuki fringe drops for a more petite look. It was interesting and challenging to work in a black-and-white color palette for this piece:

Finally, this piece features both Bubble Box and Double Bubble Jacks beaded beads, along with some Swarovski crystal pearls. I really like how both beaded bead designs complement each other.

You can see more images of these and other designs in the gallery of my website. As always, if you use this tutorial, I'd love to see your creations!

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  1. I totally love these beaded beads you've made! Excellent. I saw you over on JL. I've been wanting to make beaded beads for a while. I can't wait for your next tuts!

    Question: Can I do the Bubble Box bead if I didn't do the other tutorials first? I like this one best since it can work with various size teardrops. thanks!


  2. Thanks Lola! The tutorial is quite detailed and each step is illustrated, so you should be able to complete the Bubble Box beaded bead if you haven't done any of my other tutorials. Of the three tutorials in my teardrop series, it's definitely the most adaptable to differently-sized teardrop beads!

  3. Thanks! I know I tend to make things hard on myself but I REALLY like the Bubbles Box bead best!!!! SO COOOOOOOOOL!! I can't wait to try it (well, I'll have to for a few days but otherwise WOO WHOO!!

  4. Your beaded beads are absolutely exquisite!! Love them!

  5. Thanks again Lola and BeadsNWire!


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