Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crystal Ball Beaded Beads

I finally finished putting together the kits for my Bead & Button Show classes, so I gave myself a brief respite from kit-making to play with a new design:
It's a rather big dodecahedral beaded bead with sparkly crystals and several different kinds and colors of seed beads. I'm particularly drawn to this design because it's hollow and completely rock-solid, which are two principles that I always strive for (but don't always accomplish) when I design beaded beads.
I like it with dark purple crystals or blue zircon crystals, but I took a leap into orangey-pink and tried it with rose peach AB2X crystals, one of Swarovski's newest colors in their Spring/Summer 2013 Innovations launch:
I've been calling it a Crystal Ball beaded bead, but I know that isn't a particularly original name. Perhaps I should call it something different? What do you think?

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