Monday, May 21, 2012

New Disco Ball Kits

Three new kits for the Disco Ball beaded bead are now available on my website. The first is in black and silver in a scheme I like to call Little Black Dress, because it will go with just about any outfit:
The next is in a Red Velvet color scheme:
And finally, I put together this kit with peach freshwater pearls. Since freshwater pearls vary so much from batch to batch and can be difficult to re-order in the same shape and color, this kit is going to be a limited edition:
Each kit contains enough beads and thread to create two Disco Ball beaded beads. However, with the same beads in this kit, you can elect to create five beaded beads in the smaller octahedral variation, or you can mix it up and make one regular Disco Ball and two smaller variations. Here's a picture of the smaller variation using the Little Black Dress kit:
Disco Ball beaded bead kits are available at my website, and include all the beads needed to create the design, a beading needle and thread, and a PDF of the pattern for the design (available for download as soon as you finish checkout!)

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