Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Kits: Tropical Dahlia Set

New kits are now available for the Tropical Dahlia Set! The kits make both the beaded dahlia pendant, and the smaller matching earrings.

Colorway #1: Spring Blossom

The first colorway is in the very floral tones of cyclamen opal, pink, peach, and a nice sunny yellow. I've taken to wearing this one myself quite frequently!

Colorway #2: Tropical Oasis

The second colorway is in the cooler colors of fern green, teal, and deep amethyst.

Colorway #3: Desert Bloom

The last colorway is in various shades of copper and turquoise, and I think it looks like a flower that you might see blooming in the desert.

All three kits are available at beadorigami.com, and include all the materials necessary to make the the pendant and the matching earrings. Plus shipping is included in the kit price!

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