Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hematite Crystal Helix Necklace

A while back I bought some Swarovski bicone crystals in the crystal silver night shade. They sat in my bead box until I decided to pair them with some cobalt and silver-colored seed beads for some Crystal Helix beaded beads. They pair very well with hematite round beads for this dark silvery necklace:
In the Crystal Helix pattern, I talk about how this beaded bead can be woven in both left-handed and right-handed symmetries so that the seed beads will twist up to the left or right, respectively. All of the beaded beads in this necklace are in the left-handed symmetry, so they twist in the same direction from one bead to another along the necklace.
The Crystal Helix pattern is available for purchase exclusively at my new website. Remember that from now through Monday, January 23, enter the coupon code 20off at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order!


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