Monday, January 30, 2012

New Pattern: Rivoli Kaleidoscope Pendant

My newest pattern, the Rivoli Kaleidoscope Pendant, is now complete.
This design features three different types of Swarovski crystal rivoli beads; a round, foil-backed no-hole rivoli that sits in the center, and two different sizes of Swarovski rivoli pendants (aka circle pendants, XILION pendants). Miyuki drop-shaped seed beads and additional Japanese seed beads complete the pendant.

This design can be woven in a variety of color patterns, from the very flowery pendant above to this strikingly dark pendant:
While the pattern is written for a 14 mm round rivoli, I also discuss how to utilize larger rivolis in this pattern. These variations also result in a symmetry change. For example, the pendant below with the larger rivoli in the center features 10-fold rotational symmetry instead of 8-fold rotational symmetry.
The Rivoli Kaleidoscope pattern is available exclusively at my website if you'd like to make your own super-sparkly pendants.


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