Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pendants with Rivolis

Are bezeled rivoli pendants still in vogue? I hope so, because I've come down with a craving to make them...
I've been fiddling around with this design for a while. It started when I tried to come up with a unique way to bezel a rivoli, but each time I tried, the rivoli itself would be mostly covered up by other beads. So I tried pairing it with its sister crystals, the Swarovski circle pendants (aka rivoli pendants, aka XILION pendants) that I've used in several other designs. However, it was difficult to get the rivoli pendants to stay put. I took a cue from Florence and Gwen's Rivoli Sunflower and added some drop-shaped seed beads, which seemed to do the trick:
It still needs a name - I was thinking Rivoli Party might work. What do you think?

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