Monday, January 16, 2012

New Kits: Bubble Series Beaded Beads

Along with the launch of my new website, I've also put together kits for several of my designs. These kits include all the beads needed to create the design, a beading needle and the appropriate thread, and the pattern for the design delivered electronically in the PDF format. Kits for the Bubble Series are available in two color schemes, Ocean Sapphire and Lavender Glow. Here's the Double Bubble Jacks design in Ocean Sapphire:
And again in Lavender Glow:
A slightly larger beaded bead in the bubble series is the Bubble Box design. Here it is in Ocean Sapphire:
And Lavender Glow:
Finally, here's the third beaded bead in this series, the Teardrop Bubbles design, in Ocean Sapphire:
And again in Lavender Glow:
The Teardrop Bubbles and Bubble Box kits make one beaded bead each, while the Double Bubble Jacks kits include materials for three beaded beads. All of these kits are available for purchase exclusively at my website. Also, from now through Monday, January 23, enter the coupon code 20off at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order! 

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