Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pagoda Series Kits

I created two sets of matching kits for my Pagoda series. First we have the Pagoda beaded charm in Redwood:
And in Pandora Sapphire:
Next there's the Double Pagoda Beaded Bead in Redwood:
And again in Pandora Sapphire:
The Double Pagoda kits make one beaded bead each, while the Pagoda kits make three beaded charms. All of the kits are available at my website, and include all the beads needed to create the design, a beading needle and the appropriate thread, and the pattern for the design delivered electronically in the PDF format.


  1. WOW Wonderfoule. I want this!!! How make this?

  2. Thanks so much! Patterns and kits for these designs are available here: and here:


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