Sunday, October 28, 2012

2013 Bead & Button Show Classes

Next June I'll be teaching again at the 2013 Bead & Button Show! I'm tentatively scheduled to teach six classes from Thursday, June 6, through Sunday, June 9. The show jury accepted three of my new class proposals, and I'll also be teaching three sessions that I taught last year.

Of the new pieces, first up is the Raindrop Flower necklace, which features the new Raindrop Flower focal and two different kinds of Double Bubble Jacks beaded beads. The Raindrop Flower focal also works very well on its own as a solo pendant:
Next up is the Sparkling Compass Set, which makes a beaded bead, and this bracelet and matching earrings:
This class is appropriate for all levels of beaders, who will learn how to make the four-pointed Sparkling Compass element in the first part of the class. Each student can then choose which part of the set to work on in the rest of the class. Beginning students can finish a second element for the earrings, while advanced students may want to tackle the matching beaded bead:
All students in this class will take home the beads and instructions on how to complete the set.

I'm most excited about this design, the Cosmic Nocturne Pendant. This hollow, self-supporting design features the new two-hole Twin seed beads, but works equally well with SuperDuo beads, and includes a layer of Swarovski crystals for an inner sparkle. This pendant is the result of several exhaustive experiments with twin beads in self-supporting designs, which resulted in nine different prototypes. I'm really happy with the final pendant:
Finally, I'll be teaching two sessions of the Tila Garden Pendant, and one of the Ice Queen Necklace:
The 2013 Bead & Button Show will take place in Milwaukee, WI from May 29-June 10, and class registration will begin online on January 8. Last year was my first year at a Bead & Button Show, and I'll tell you that it's a whole lot of fun to attend whether you take a class or not. I'd love to see you there!


  1. Wowee! That's a whole lot of classes! Congrats. You're going to be busy!

  2. love the name double bubble jack....beautiful pieces!

  3. Wow, fabulous! I want to take them all, except the Tila Garden...and that's only because I've already made a couple of those. Wow!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's gonna be a busy show this year!


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