Friday, October 12, 2012

New Pattern: Peanut Gallery Beaded Bead

My newest beaded bead pattern, the Peanut Gallery beaded bead, is now available at Bead
I designed this all-seed bead beaded bead nearly two years ago to feature the unique shape of the peanut seed bead. At the time, I wove five of them for Marcie's Margie and Me color challenge, and featured them in this mosaic-inspired bracelet:
Since creating this bracelet, I experimented with adding drop-shaped seed beads to this beaded bead, which results in a different overall effect:
This beaded bead can be woven with drops, magatamas, or round seed beads on each of its faces, and I address these variations in the pattern. I think that round seed beads showcase the peanut beads the best, but I just love the tactile combination of peanuts and drops.
This beaded bead has no round core bead yet it is still extremely sturdy. The seed beads on the inside of the structure usually remain hidden once the beaded bead is complete. But depending on the choice of colors used, they sometimes peak out from behind the peanut beads.

The Peanut Gallery beaded bead is available exclusively at What's your favorite shaped seed bead?

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