Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dewdrop Bracelets

Over the past few days I wove a Dewdrop bracelet in the Lavender Fields color palette. I really love these blue-green matte metallic tila beads.
Here's a shot with a view of the custom toggle clasp. I like how it turned out, but it has an unusual thread path that's not very intuitive. I spend over a third of the bracelet pattern describing how to make the clasp! I think it would also make a nice charm, but I haven't explored that possibility as of yet.
Just like the Dewdrop beaded bead, the bracelet can also have its drop beads substituted with round seed beads. Here it is with this substitution in Pandora Sapphire:
The Dewdrop pattern contains instructions for both designs, and each Dewdrop kit contains enough materials to make a total of either five Dewdrop beaded beads, or one Dewdrop beaded bead and one Dewdrop bracelet.


  1. I have to admit that this would be a pretty excited gift for girls.Great combination of Green & silver beats giving this bracelet aesthetic look.

  2. It's so beautiful!!
    I love so much!!
    Greetings from Panama =)

  3. Thanks so much! Greetings from California :)

  4. So lovely! It is really nice. I love it. This bracelet is really two thumbs up for me.


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